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    About us

    Process equipmentFujian Joy Window Treatment Co., Ltd. is a modernized enterprise specializing in researching, producing and selling the brand ANYHOO high-end solid wood, PVC and Aluminum  shutter. while it is close to Xiamen port, established in June 2017,located in Hua’an economic development zone, Zhangzhou city, Fujian province. It covers an area of  61000 sqm with an annual output of 600000 sqm shutters,  now it holds 20000sqm workshop with capacity of 300000 sqm shutters per year, the full workshop will be more than 70000 sqm.(formerly known as Shanghai Liang heng Wood Working Co., Ltd., established in May 2008, located in Songjiang District, Shanghai).

    After 10 years experience in shutter, it has a complete stable team with more than 300 experienced employees so the shutter is highly welcomed in developed countries such as US, AU, EUROPE and MIDDLE EAST ....

    Product description

    Focus on decoration while neglect simple finish has become a new concept when lay out the furniture, and which is very popular in fashion people circle. Morden people always emphasize on the Perfect of details Among the household articles,the flying chiffon and thick curtain are replaced gradually by the wood shutters whose colors are bright with impressive characteristics. The quick city beat life makes people prefer simple but practical wood products. In morden life, wood shutters are widely used in living room....

    Anyhoo brand

    "ANYHOO" and "安美居" as a combining form in line with the brand, the product reflects the style, simplicity characteristics.

    Marks not only the overall simplicity, and it is lively, the letters "A" - the embodiment of our service with a smile as the fundamental, fonts tilt so that the overall mark have a quick feel, reflects the anyhoo to improve the quality and the appearance of products, to express appreciation at the support of our customers anyhoo....

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